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Strawberry Market in Kenya 2022 | Where to Sell Strawberries in Kenya

If you are a farmer and currently engaged in strawberry farming in Kenya,
you are probably wondering where to get a strawberry market in Kenya in
2022. It is especially hard to market the fruits if you are the only
farmer who has ventured in this agribusiness in your region. This
article will give you ideas on how to find a strawberry market in Kenya.

  • Jam processing is a very good way to market strawberries. This is
    because it adds value to the produce and increases the shelf life. It is
    however a little challenging to do this on your own especially if you
    are not planting strawberries in large scale.

    Strawberry Ice-Cream Sundae

    The only other alternative is for several farmers to come together in an
    Association. This distributes the risk and provides a pool for capital
    and a framework for processing and marketing the products. The
    association can then make jam and other strawberry flavored products
    like yoghurt. Adding value and coming up with new products definitely
    expands the strawberry market in Kenya exponentially.

  • Supermarkets are big customers for strawberries. Currently, only the
    major ones stock this berries. And even with just a few stocking this
    delicious fruits, supermarkets still remain the biggest strawberry
    market in Kenya.What this means is that there is a huge market out there
    for the fruits. Any supermarket with a cooler can stock these fruits.
    And with so many in the country, the sky is your limit. Approach
    supermarkets in your area to get an order. You can then supply your
    produces needed.

    Strawberry topped cake
  • Fruit stall in the urban areas are also great middlemen for the
    berries. Approach them and come to an agreement on how to supply them
    with the fruits. One stall might not get many fruits off your hands, but
    when they are several they will give you a substantial strawberry
    market in Kenya.
  • Big hotels use strawberries for dessert and toppings. Approach those
    close to your area and see whether you can be supplying them.

Do you have more tips on available strawberry market in Kenya in
2022? Kindly share your tips and advice with your fellow farmers in the
comments section below.

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