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Kikuyu Hospital Contacts | How to Contact PCEA Kikuyu Hospital

 Kikuyu Hospital is one of the oldest health institutions in the country. Established in 1908, the PCEA owned institution is a mission hospital known for its eye, dental and orthopedic units.The hospital is located in Kikuyu, Kiambu County next to Alliance Girls High School. Here are the Kikuyu Hospital Contacts for those who want to contact the hospital’s customer care.

Kikuyu Hospital Phone Contacts

Use these numbers to call:

General , Eye and Dental Units;


Kikuyu Hospital Contacts

Or fax


 Orthopaedic unit (Rehab)


The hospital’s email addresses are as follows: –  for the General , Eye and Dental Units  –    for the Eye Unit       –      for the Dental Unit    –    for the Orthopaedic Unit

Kikuyu Hospital Website

Visit the hospital’s website through the link.

Kikuyu Hospital Postal Address

45, Hospital Rd, Kikuyu, Kenya

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15 thoughts on “Kikuyu Hospital Contacts | How to Contact PCEA Kikuyu Hospital”

  1. I have an 65 year old who needs a hip replacement. I am a resident of Mombasa and would like to know the procedurs to follow so that the patient can be operated ASAP. What are the indicative cost?

    1. You will have to visit the orthopaedic unit for that. I am not sure how much the operation would cost but the consultation fee is 400 Kenyan Shillings. If the patient is NHIF covered, the better since Kikuyu Orthopaedic hospital falls under category B of the NHIF supported hospitals. What this means is that you are covered for all inpatient services and part of the surgery fee.

      The hospital caters for very many people. You should therefore come early.

      Let me know if you have other questions. You can also contact the hospital using one of the contacts given in this post.

  2. My 4yrs old daughter was hit on her left eye while playing,that was 2wks ago.till today the eye is red somtimes worse though she doesn't feel any pain,what could be the problem,should I bring her for check up

  3. What is the cure for vaginal warts that are inside the vagina? Afew years ago I couldn't give birth normally.

  4. Hi, i am expecting and i have an NHIF card but under st. teresa kikuyu hopsital.i would like to deliver at your hospital and would like to know how much my card may cover and how much extra cash i may need when the time comes. please respond ASAP coz i have tried calling your lines and n one is responding to the calls.thank you

  5. My dad has developed swallowing problem,he can’t swallow food or water how much does the x_ray scan cost please

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