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Have You Put Too Much Salt in Your Food? Here’s How to Fix it

It has happened to every seasoned cook; you put together a scrumptious meal only to realize that you have put too much salt i it. What do you do with the food? Do you throw it out, add water and ruin it, or do you just serve it and hope that your guests don’t notice?

I have a simple and effective fix for your salty problem :-). Here goes…

  1. Peel a large potato when the food is done cooking
  2. Clean the potato thoroughly
  3. Drop the raw potato in the salty food and let it sit for a few minutes
  4. Let the potato absorb the extra salt until you are happy with the results
  5. Remove the potato and serve.

Congratulations. You just solved the too much salt in the food problem.

You are welcome. 😉

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