Twins, Different Fathers

Forget ‘Trisha’, ‘The Test’ and other Drama filled TV Shows, this case is way juicier and astonishing. After taking the man she believed to be the father to her twin girls to court to demand child support, a woman was as shocked as the judge was when the paternity of her daughters was established. The DNA carried out determined that the girls had diffrenet fathers with only one of them belonging to the said man.

Can twins have different fathers?

Though very rare, it is in fact possible for twins to have 2 different dads if the mother has sexual intercourse with different men within one menstrual cycle and 2 of her eggs get separately fertilized. According to the mother, she had sexual intercourse with the second man within a week from the first.

The father of one of the girls was therefore ordered by the court to only support his daughter; he is to pay $28 a week.

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