3 Ways to Cook an Egg

Boiled Egg

Boiling an egg is not that hard. You simply put them into boiling water. If you wish to have them soft, boil them only three minutes. If you wish to have them hard enough to cut in slices, boil them five minutes. 

Another method involves breaking the egg and dropping it into a pan of scalding hot water. Let it stand until the white has set, then put the pan on a moderate heat. When the water boils up, the eggs are cooked sufficiently. When cooked this way, they look real pretty with the yolk being just visible through the white. If you do not use the eggs for a garnish, serve them up with burnt butter. 

If you have a hard time boiling the eggs right, you might want to invest in an  egg boiler.


To prepare an omelet, beat the eggs to a froth, and to a dozen of eggs put three ounces of finely minced boiled ham, beef, or veal; if the latter meat is used, add a little salt. Melt a quarter of a pound of butter, mix a little of it with the eggs. It should be just lukewarm. Set the remainder of the butter on the fire, in a frying  when quite hot, turn in the eggs beaten to a froth, stir them until they begin to set. 

When brown on the under side, it is sufficiently cooked. The omelet should be cooked on a moderate fire, and in a pan small enough, to have the omelet an inch thick. When you take them up, lay a flat dish on them, then turn the pan upside down.

Poached Eggs
Break the eggs into a pan, beat them to a froth, then put them into a buttered frying pan, set the pan on a few the fire, put in a small lump of butter, a little salt, let them cook very slowly, stirring them constantly till they become quite thick, then turn them on to buttered toast. This s as easy as it looks. Enjoy.


Image credit: Pixabay.com

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