Rape is Stigmatizing, More so To Male Victims

Spring break 2013, Kevin Kanton was raped. After being taken to the hospital by a friend, the police were contacted and interviewed him. No action was taken against his attacker.

The police and even his own family could not wrap their heads around how a man could be raped. ‘Why didn’t you fight back?’ They asked. This reaction not only surprised him, it also left him confused and alone.

Fast forward a year later and Kevin logs into his Facebook account only to see the face of his attacker among the suggested ‘People You May Know’. He says it left him stunned! While before his attacker’s personality never really existed in his mind, the 22 year old was now presented with images of his family, his likes, and even the fact that they had 3 mutual friends.

The experience inspired him to compose a poem that has helped him deal with his jarring experience as well as reach others who have been through such experience and have no-one to  turn to. Watch his powerful and courageous performance below; it will blow your mind away.


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