Tips for Dressing Up Your Little Man

Your little guy is already as cute as cute can be, but you have a special event coming up and you really want to make him look like a Dapper Dan. Whether it’s a wedding, a holiday, a photo shoot or any other special event, your little man will make every person in the room swoon when you dress him up using the following suggestions.

Tips for Dressing Up Your Infant Son

Forget the onesie and the elastic pants; when there’s a special occasion, dress your infant son up to impress with the following fashion tips:

·         Get him a button down shirt. The button down will give him that formal look, but the fact that it is a one piece will ensure that it doesn’t ride up and make him uncomfortable.
·         Outfit him with a pair of dress pants. Whether you choose khakis or dressy black pants, a pair of pants that are dressier than his usual sweats a must for that special occasion.
·         A pair of dress socks is a great addition for a dressier outfit. Skip the shoes, as your infant son will probably end up kicking them off anyway, and instead, put him in a pair of socks that have a decorative flare (you can actually find socks that resemble dress shoes!)
·         Finish off the look with an infant bow tie! That’s right, a bow tie! Imagine how handsome your little guy will look when he’s wearing a little bow tie!

When you put these fashion tips into play, your little one will be sure to get tons of ‘Awes” when he enters any room.  

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