23 Things Parents Should Never Apologize For

I just came across this amazing post from BuzzFeed that outlines 23 things parents should never apologize for and I just had to share. I can relate to almost all of them.
You can’t always control where your kid decides to have an emotional outburst
  1. Breastfeeding
  2. Bottle-feeding
  3. Girls who love princess and boys who love superheros
  4. Boys who love princess and girls who love superheroes
  5. Liking your kids handiwork
  6. Carrying around a few extra pounds
  7. Embarrassing your kids
  8. Telling your kids no
  9. Taking your kids on a plane
  10. Not always thinking that your kid is perfect
  11. Letting your kids use electronics
  12. Taking your kids to a family restaurant
  13. Lying to your kids
  14. Being out of touch with pop culture
  15. Kid’s meltdown in public
  16. Taking me time
  17. When kids meet milestones
  18. Missing a friend’s party or outing
  19. Missing not being able to do stuff
  20. Being tired
  21. Not wanting to watch movies where bad things happen to kids
  22. Being a safety freak
  23. Loving your kid too much  

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