Why am I not Losing Weight

You exercise regularly these days, you watch your portions religiously, and you even turned down that plate of french fries the other day. So, how come you are yet to lose a single pound? If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, ‘why am I not losing Weight?’, then you’re not alone. Most people who embark on the weight loss program get frustrated at some point when they realize that they are now losing the weight as fast as they imagined.

Losing weight does not happen overnight. Though there are sites that claim that it is possible to lose weight in 7 days or in other words lose weight in a week, the truth of the matter is that losing weight is a slow and steady process. Like all the good things, you have to keep at it to realize the desired results.

There are however some few tricks that you can apply to ensure that you keep on the right track and eventually get to where you feel you ought to be.

Think fiber and protein: When it comes to healthy eating for weight loss, choose the nutrient packed foods with much fiber that will keep you fuller for longer while limiting the amount of calories ingested. Make sure you have lean protein and fiber-filled foods like fruits and vegetables at each meal – you’ll stay satisfied longer than if you eat fast-burning carbs that are full of sugar and saturated fats.

Sit down at a table when you eat: You  should really take the time to enjoy your food.Walking around snacking or indulging on the couch can add hundreds of extra calories into your day. Sitting down to eat ensures that you are able to pay attention to what you eat and you’re therefore better placed at noticing when you are satisfied.It also takes time for the brain to know that you are satisfied. For this reason, eat slowly and give your brain time.

Drink water before your meal: Water fills you up as much as the food does. Other times it is hard for one to know whether they’re thirsty or hungry. Drinking of water before meals fills you up slightly thus reducing the amount of food that one is able to consume at a go. The water has other health benefits like helping to flush out the toxins as well as firing up the metabolism.

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