Mix and Match Outfits for a Boy

It is a well known fact that boys’ cloths are more expensive than girls’. To even things out, girls need a lot more outfits than boys do. As you will see below, you only need 13 pieces to get 15 cool and different outfits for a boy. That is enough to last for 2 good weeks. Take a look at the mix and match outfits for a Boy below…

Here are the pieces you need:

  1. 2 pairs of trousers (Pants and Denim jeans)
  2. 2 pairs of shorts
  3. 2 short sleeve T-shirts
  4. 2 Long sleeve T-shirts
  5. 2 Shirts (Plaid and button down shirts)
  6. A zip up hoodie
  7. 2 pairs of sneakers

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