Hey There,

I’ve been a little busy lately and that’s why I’ve not posted anything the last few days. The last time I was pregnant, my blog is the one that suffered. I think I posted about 2 times the entire 9 months. But not this time!

In the spirit of being consistent, here are photos of my family. We were just from our monthly antenatal visit. Like you can see, it’s normally a family affair that is taken very seriously in our house. Everyone attends and after that we go for a walk and then lunch.

Here’s my baby girl looking at me like I mean the world to her. And I do 🙂
She loves flowers. If they’re pink, even better!

Here I am trying to pose like the little model. Clearly, she’s better at this than I am.

There’s the man of the house with his baby girl.

I call them my twins because they look so much alike.
There she is. 

I’m yet to post the photo bump images at 5 months. This I will do as soon as I get a few minutes. For now, stay blessed.

Until we see each other again, 

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