3 Stupid Reasons I Love Being a Mom

It’s not easy being a mom. It’s the hardest job I’ve ever done; it is full-time, emotionally draining and there’s little room for error (at least in the long run). That said, you can’t help but love some things about being a mom. Below, I list some of them:
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You Have Someone Who’ll Love You No Matter What

I’m reasonable enough to know that there’re times when my girl will hate me (especially when she becomes a teenager) but I know that as much as we’ll not always be friends, she’ll always love me.
It’s Ok to not be Perfect at all times
There are times when I bring the A-game, other times I just want to let myself go and just be a mom. People are more forgiving in such instances if you have a kid. Your house can be a little messy, and you do not have to have the flattest of tummies. After all, you’ve given brought forth a living being into the world.
As much as I like to always look fit, love my petite body and tiny waist, it still feels nice to know that no one expects me to be perfect.
You become a member of a very exclusive club
Moms have the juiciest stories. I used to hate it when my mom’s friend would come visit and we’d be told to go play just so they can talk in private. A long time ago,  a friend of mine (she was way younger than me and already a mom) told me something I’ve never forgotten to this day. She said, ‘There’s no age difference when two moms come together. You’d be surprised at the things we can talk about with your mom.’
Now that I’m finally one of them, I know what my friend was talking about. I do not think there’s a topic I can’t discuss with my mother-in-law leave alone any other mom.

Until we see each other again, 

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