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How to Load/Deposit Money to your MobiKash Account

You can easily and conveniently load or deposit money into your MobiKash account through the following functions:

  1. Direct deposit through MobiKash Agent outlet
  2. Transfer directly from your linked bank account
  3. Incoming transfers from another MobiKash user
  4. Incoming transfer from a MobiKash business partner (i.e. Salaries, Pensions, Dividends, Grants, Other disbursements)

To transfer money to another MobiKash  account, follow the following steps:


  • Go to the main menu and select ‘Send Money’
  • Select source – MobiKash Account
  • Select Send to – Someone else
  • Select Destination – MobiKash Account
  • Enter 10 digit mobile phone number of the receiver
  • Enter amount & confirm by entering 1

You will receive an SMS displaying the amount, receiver’s name and phone number, your new MobiKash balance and the reference number of the transaction.

See also: How to Pay your Bills Through Mobikash.

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  1. Hello Mobil ash? I paid my registration fee of ksh95 bt I did not get the respond I was to copy pest the Mpesa code, I did so bt it failed I try again to pay ksh95 bt it fail again that is why am asking for your help to complete my transaction.Am a business man and am looking for loan I will be glad if lent me ksh 24,000 to boost my stock and I promise to pay on time . Thanks in advance

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