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How to Improve GOTV Signal Reception

Here’s how you improve the GOTV signal reception to ensure that you have a clear viewing experience:

How to Improve GOTV Signal Reception Step-by-Step

  1. On your remote control, select Menu> Advanced Options and then press OK.
  2. Press the arrow pointing upwards then Installation and press Ok.
  3. Select Signal Information and press Ok.
  4. Move your antenna up or down/ from side to side until the signal is at its highest. The signal bar should be higher than 50% while the signal quality bar should be higher than 40%.
  5. Once satisfied with your signal strength, secure the antenna tightly and select Exit.

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25 thoughts on “How to Improve GOTV Signal Reception”

  1. I paid my gtv on 23rd last month after being promissed a one month free if I pay before the other day up to now nothing it was disconnected why? And if impossible why promise?

  2. I Steve O. Based in thika is a disappointed client who despite having subscribed for the 918kes per month for more than half the month I hadly can view my favorite channels yet my neighbors can yet we use the same inbuilt apartment aerial

  3. Hi am using go TV but nilipa 470 and send a message telling me to pay 58 shilling after paying no any channels showing pliz help I cu 2017563500

  4. Hello, my name is mrs grace chorun i am from lagos Nigeria. some of my channels are missing day by day every time i
    scan it will find no channels and when i check the signal information it will display 54/100 so i don’t understand why my channels are missing kindly help fixed it. this is my iuc no 7035314481. thanks

  5. I still can’t get other channels yet I paid for my gotv subscription. What should I do to get back the missing channels because when I select the missing channels it tells me invalid number,I have also tried scanning for the channels severally bit I still cannot get them .my iuc number is 2018956130

  6. Why is my gotv UHF channel fluctuating uncontrollably? What should I do to stop this? Cos it started suddenly this morning as it was okay since yesterday And through the night

  7. I’m having signal strength of 70% and 90% quality, yet nothing shows , it still show “searching for signal

  8. My Gotv Last I Used It Was About Febuary Ten I Set It Up Again And It Says Noservice Pls Help Me Is There An Easy Way I Can Locate Strong Signal Agodo Egbe Alimosho Lagos Nigeria.

  9. My gotv has a lot of scratches I contacted you guys but never got the assistance I wanted can I get a person to come personally to come n help coz am still paying but naona na stress

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