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How to Pay Bills Using MobiKash Account

You  can pay your bills without queuing or traveling, directly from your MobiKash account or any of your linked bank accounts.

MobiKash allows you to store/keep up to five bill account numbers for each and every bill issuer/merchant under the business code. This conveniently allows you to select the bill account number every time you want to make payments without having to remember the bill number.

How to Pay Bills Using MobiKash;


  • Go to the pay bill menu and select pay now
  • Enter business code of your payee
  • Select and enter your bill account number/ Ref. number
  • Enter amount to pay
  • Confirm payment by entering 1 (if paying from your MobiKash account) or FIPIN (if paying from your linked Bank/FI account)

You will receive an SMS displaying the biller/merchant name, amount, bill account number and the reference number of the transaction

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  1. I followed the directives untill ireached confirming m pesa message ,but the answer was that ivalid code what’s the problen ?

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