Body Sculpture Magnetic Treadmill Review

Body Sculpture Magnetic Treadmill

Striving to be fit can prove to be a very challenging task for many moms. Despite the many health risks associated with obesity like hypertension, high risk of cancer, diabetes and other degenerative diseases, many people are still struggling to shed the calories.  This is mostly caused by eating unhealthy meals a well as not exercising effectively.

A number of people starve themselves trying to lose weight overnight. Others try Crash diets. This is not only ineffective; it is also very bad for one’s health. As much as one would lose weight in the first few days, it is mostly the water weight. This weight is gained a few weeks later and it does so with vengeance. This is because the body interprets the lack of food as signs of an impending drought and thus starts packing up the pounds in preparation. The result is unexplained weight gain which in turn has the negative effects on one’s weight loss motivation. The only sure way to lose weight quickly is by combining a healthy diet and some exercise.

Extreme weight loss can be achieved by increasing the cardiovascular activity. These are moderate exercises that are effective when it comes to weight loss. These workouts are also easy enough to ensure that one is able to do them and stick with it. But due to our hectic lives, it can prove a challenge fitting an exercise program into our daily lives. Going to the gym is also an option not available to many. This should however not deter one from working towards weight loss. It should not reduce the weight loss motivation and lead to a downward spiral.

Running is a good exercise that helps burn more calories. It not only increases the metabolism helping one to lose weight, it is also cheap and easy. Consistency is the key when one is trying to lose weight quickly. Running helps the heart pump the blood faster, increases the oxygen flow to the body thus raising the metabolic rate which is very crucial for extreme weight loss. One can lose weight running 3 to 4 days a week.

With the Body Sculpture Magnetic Treadmill, you do not have to worry about the weather or terrain, you can just do your running or jogging exercises  in the comfort of your own home.The treadmill is automatic and you therefore do not need to keep reprogramming it. It also has a hand grip heart rate sensor that measures your fitness levels without you having to stop. Among the things it measures is the distance you are running, calories burnt as well as the heart rate.

Safety comes first with the Body Sculpture Magnetic Treadmill. The emergency stop button lets you stop in case you experience any discomfort or there is a problem with your treadmill. The shock absorbing running board and the non-slip perimeter ensure your safety as well.

The best part about the Body Sculpture is that it is foldable and therefore saves on space during storage. It is also affordable and if you order from Jumia Kenya though one of the links in this post, you get to have it delivered to your doorstep in any part of Kenya. You can even choose to pay the cash upon delivery.

You can read more about the Body Sculpture Treadmill features on Jumia Kenya website.

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