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Parenting Affects the Immune System, Study Suggests

A new study has revealed that parenting affects your immune system more that the stomach flu.

In case you’re still wondering why you’ve been seeing your doctor so often
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In the study, researchers compared the immune system of 670 people aged between 2 and 86 years, monitoring it for 3 years. The gender and the weight of the participants was also put into consideration to see which factors affected the immune system. The results showed that  the people were able to maintain a stable immune system even after being exposed to a stomach flu or a flu vaccine.

What was baffling though was the effect parenting had on the immune system; higher than any other contributing factor. Another factor that followed closely was age. This just goes to show that the sleepless nights, the incredible amount of work  and other challenges that come with parenting are not all you have to look forward to when becoming a parent. Expect to visit the hospital a lot more that before.  

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