Modern Mom Kenya Uncategorized Helb Paybill |Helb Mpesa Business Number | Repay Loan Via Mpesa 2022

Helb Paybill |Helb Mpesa Business Number | Repay Loan Via Mpesa 2022

Did you know that with the Helb Mpesa Paybill you can make your Helb Loan Repayment through mpesa? It does not matter whether you are employed or not, the truth of the matter is, you are added a penalty of 5000 kenyan shillings every month you fail to pay your loan. The good thing that most people do not know is, you can pay as little as 3000 shillings a month to avoid the penalties. This can easily be done via mpesa. How? Here’s how you make the Helb Loan Repayment …

How to Pay for Helb using Helb Paybill

1. Go to Mpesa menu and choose ‘Pay Bill’
2. Key in the Helb mpesa business number which is 200800
3. Key in your complete ID number
4. Key in the amount you wish to pay for
5.Key in your M-Pesa PIN.
6. Check again to ensure that you have input the correct information
7. Wait for a confirmation message

Remember to make Helb Loan Repayment every month. You can set an alarm towards the end of the month on your phone to ensure that you never forget. Because trust me when I tell you that Helb remembers every month you fail to pay up your dues.

Other service providers that accept mobile payments are GOTV Kenya and Zuku Fiber.

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