It’s all ur Fault!!!!

My high school principal was a very funny character. She was brilliant yes, but try as she did; she could never co-ordinate her words with her gestures! Below is just a sample of one of her many lectures…

True, very true!!!

I’ll tell you another day how she told a girl to follow her indicating otherwise with her hands, and the confused girl just walked away! Actions speak louder than words, right?

Today I want to tell you how she messed up my (probably the only) chance of being happy. It was during one of those functions in school, u know, one of the functions? But this was not just any other function for unlike the others where I was barely noticed by the boys (I’ve told you before that I was quite ugly) a guy from a well known school was throwing those lines. And Cess was just a kilometer away from heaven!

The uniform is the clue to the schools we were in.,

He was telling me all kinds of sweet things when suddenly, the principal appeared from nowhere!!!

What did i ever do to you to deserve this????

And because of her, two things happened.
• I never heard from my ‘would be husband’ again; which explains why I’m still single.
• I went to class as she advised, read, passed my exams, became an Engineer and signed my ticket to single-hood; still her fault!!!!

I know you’re wondering how that is so. Well, it turns out no one wants an engineer. I try convincing them that I’m not the kind of crazy engineers who’d burn them at night with electric wires or screw them to the wall… actually, I’d love to do that, but that’s not the point. I’m a normal person… you’d not mind being screwed to the wall, would you?

I hope you are happy for ruining my life!!!!!!

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