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How to Report a Crime Via SMS in Kenya

It is impossible for law enforcers to be everywhere at the same time. To curb crimes in our neighborhoods and places of work, we as the Kenyan citizens need to do what needs to be done wherever we are. This is where ‘Mulika Uhalifu Initiative’ comes in.

How to Report a Crime | Mulika Uhalifu Platform

For just one Kenyan Shilling, you can report every crime as it happens and make a difference by having the right authorities do something about it.

If you witness a crime of any kind whether rape, theft, molestation,  murder or domestic violence, just send a text starting with your County name, crime description and location to 22068. Security authorities will instantly receive your message.

E.g. Nairobi Armed robbers along Waiyaki Way, near ABC Place. and send this to 22068.

Mulika Hongo Platform

Another worrying trend especially among government officials in corruption. Instead of serving Kenyans the way they are supposed to, some government officials demand for bribes from Kenyans to carry out their duties. To inform the County Security Teams and help the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission put an end to such habits, Send a similar text starting with the County followed by Hongo and then the description of the corruption crime.

e.g. Nairobi Hongo *your message description* and send the text to 22068.

For whatever information you volunteer, your identity is concealed and your anonymity is guaranteed.

You have to admit that reporting crimes has never been this simple! Remember that security starts with you and I.

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  1. If we want to report a person who worked with fraudsters. But he instead of being a brother keeper or sister keeper, he/ she receives money on behalf and blocks the line!. How will I report such incidences since 988 is for those who attempt to commit suicede?
    Let me try 22068

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