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How to Deal with a Frost Buildup in Freezer

you have a problem with frost build-up in freezer, it might be any of
these three causes; your defrost system is not working as it should,
warm air might be making its way into the fridge through constant
opening and closing of the fridge or dysfunctional door seals, or there
could be a water leak in your fridge. Most of these issues can be fixed easily or you can have a technician look at the more complex ones.

How do You Tell the Difference?

the ice is powdery, this is an indication that the cause is warm air
entering into the fridge. When the air is cooled by the cool
temperature, it turns into a powder form of ice. To avoid its formation,
reduce the frequency at which you open and close your fridge and when
you do open, take whatever you want and close the door quickly. This
will save you a lot of cash on electricity bills.Solid ice is a result
of water freezing in the freezer. This might indicate a leaking problem.
Try to defrost and if the problem keeps recurring, get a professional
to find and fix the leak. But first look at the lens below to see
whether it is a minor problem that you can fix on your own.

Solid Ice Might Indicate a Bigger Problem

Solid ice in the freezer does not come about as a result of warm
air. It is causes by leaking water when it freezes over. Try to defrost
and see if the problem persists.

The Door Can Barely Close

can always tell when someone forgets to completely close the door to my
kitchen fridge. The ice builds so thick that it becomes impossible to
close it. If the ice is not so thick, I just scrap it off using a
plastic scraper and that normally fixes the closing problem. In other
cases however, it is so thick that it is impossible to get the food out.
It is advisable to defrost when the ice gets to 3mm.

Scraping the Ice off

If the buildup is not thick you can just scrap it off with a plastic scraper that comes with the fridge.

Defrosting Manually

modern fridges have an automatic defrost system. If you have an older
model though, you might have to defrost manually. I have a frost free
fridge and I still have an ice build-up every few months.

Here are the
steps you need to take when defrosting your fridge manually.

everything from the fridge.
2.Unplug it from the power supply
3.Keep the
door open to let in warm air.
4.Keep an absorbent duster handy to drain
the water that overflows for the drain pan. Because it will
5.Clean the
fridge thoroughly using warm water. A little vinegar will help with the
6.Wipe it dry

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