Are you Making these six Parenting Mistakes?

Parenting would be easier if it came with a manual. We all have different parenting styles and none can be said to be better than the other. There are however mistakes we all make as parents, sometimes coming from a very good place.In this post we discuss six major parenting mistakes.

Are you Making these six Parenting Mistakes?

Not allowing your kids to play and explore

Children learn through play, and at times this comes with a few cries and bruises. If you keep correcting and guiding playtime, your kids will not have the confidence to try out new thing. Let them learn through their mistakes and successes.

Blaming your child for your reaction 

I have done this before; blaming my daughter for yelling at her when it is my responsibility to control my emotions. What this teaches your child is to blame others for their mistakes. Own up to yours and firmly make it clear what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t.

Make unrealistic and empty threats

When your child is misbehaving, do not make threats that you are not prepared (or are unable) to follow through. Do not tell them that you’ll leave them by the side of the road, for instance. Your child will see through your lies and soon your threats will have little to no impact. It also teaches your child to make threats whenever they want to have their way

Forcing your kids to show affection to Strangers

Kids will not always be comfortable around strangers. During family and friends gathering, it might be embarrassing to see your child being uncomfortable around some of your close relatives. As temping as it might be, avoid forcing your child to show affection when they do not want to. This sends confusing messages especially when you try to teach them about stranger danger.

Over-negotiating with your child

Kids are really good when it comes to pushing boundaries. They will always try to skew the rules in their own favor by negotiating with you and if you give in, you are teaching them that the rules can always be changed. Help them learn to be accountable for their actions by being firm and clear.

Always saying ‘yes’

We always want the best for our kids and at times this means giving the child everything they want. Over-indulging a child materially creates a false sense of entitlement. Making it easy for them to get material things sets them up for failure in adulthood because the do not know that they have to work for rewards or compensation.
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