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Girlfriends the Show

I have been living under s rock, but trust me when I tell you that I
just started watching Girlfriends the show a whole 14 years after it
first aired on UPN network. I am in the second season and so far, loving
it. It is so weird how the characters are so relatable over a decade

I am now about the age played by the four girlfriends Joan
Clayton, Toni Childs, Maya Wilkes and Lynn Searcy and I can’t help but
see so much of me and my real friends in these four girls. I for one
have a friend who, like Lynn, will never look for a job and crashes with
friends. She was in fact in my house just a few weeks ago. The only
difference between her and Lynn is that she does not like studying. She
is yet to graduate from college 7 years later.

Of the remaining
three girlfriends, I can’t decide who I am most like. I have Joan
Clayton’s motherly quality without her overly critical and analytical
side. She is easily manipulated and eager to both forgive and go out of
her way to help out her friends. Her dating issues are simply hilarious.

about Toni? Egoistic and self centered. She is very manipulative and
ambitious. Maybe am ambitious too but it does not land me into as much
trouble as it does her.

Maya Wilkes is a young wife and mother of
one like me. She is the girlfriend with the wittiest of comebacks and
often the voice of reason. She also makes lots of mistakes in her

The girls are very different but all have one thing
in common; they are there for each other through thick and thin. You
are drawn into their drama as they struggle with their love lives, money
and careers. Girlfriends the show is one series that I am really
enjoying watching and I just cannot believe that I did not watch it

If you are just starting out and would rather get and watch a season at a time, here are seasons one, two and three.

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