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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Street Sign

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Street signs are there to give clear and precise information. While regular street signs are standard in their message and dimensions, there are times when you just need something different. This is where the customized street signs come in.  At best of signs, you get to print your street sign with a unique message in any given shape, dimension or even size. But before we look at what Best of signs have to offer, below are the factors to consider when choosing your street sign.

The quality of the Canvas

Given that street signs are meant to be displayed outside, there are bound to suffer much abuse from the environmental elements like dust, rain, wind and even animal and human activity. For this reason, you want to go for a durable and quality material that will withstand all these factors and display your message for a long time. This ultimately gives you value for your money.


If your sign cannot be seen from far, then it beats the purpose of having it in the first place. For it to communicate effectively, the street sign needs to have sharp imaging and wording. The font and the colors need to be clear and legible from afar not just during the day but at night as well.


Some messages like ‘stop’ or ‘works ahead’ are standard. And while standard street signs would do in an ideal world, there are times when you need to convey a different and unique message. This is when a provider who provides customized signs like best of signs comes in handy. The end result is exactly what you are looking for in size, shape dimension or even message.

All you need is to send your design and artwork and the sign will be made to fit your given requirements and specifications.


They say that you should take care of the pennies, and the dollars will take care of themselves. When it comes to making purchases every penny you can save counts. It goes without saying that affordability is one of qualities you should consider while buying anything. Compare the quality of the service or product versus the amount you need to cough out.

Street Sign

At BestofSigns, you get all the above and some more. You not only get to customize your street sign, you also get the highest quality, clearly legible sign in the most affordable prices. What’s more, the quality is guaranteed for up to 5 years or you get your money back!

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