4M Crystal Mining Kit Review 2018

4M is known for its popular innovative toys that promote curiosity, creativity, exploration, fun and excitement. From the age of 5, your child likes to move around, solve puzzles as well as portray their creativity through open-ended creativity toys. Make-believe games are the best at this age as they provide unlimited possibilities. The child can be anything they want to be, how they want to be, when they want to be as they explore fantasy worlds and adulthood. The 4M Crystal Mining Kit encourages the inquisitiveness of the child as they dig for the crystals, gives a sense of accomplishment when they display them and allows the parent and their peers to give them what they crave for the most; praise and approval.

The 4M Crystal Mining Kit comes with different parts and items to ensure as realistic an excavation experience as possible. The five year old will be able to excavate their crystals from a block and then display the excavated crystals as trophies on a board. To do this, the box comes equipped with the necessary tools which include:

         A plaster rock embedded with eight crystals
         Digging tool
         A display case
         Magnifying glass
         A brush
         A pouch bag
         Ages 5 and up
About the Product
If your kid loves to get down and dirty (I am yet to meet a kid who doesn’t), this is the perfect toy for them. 4M Crystal Mining Kit is so fun and hands on that your little one will stay occupied for hours.

The toy comes with a hard plaster block in which 8 crystals are embedded just like in the mining field. To excavate the crystal gems, the child has to use the digging tools provided to chip away.

Present an eager curious mind with a challenge and you already know what to expect. The little one will be hooked. The thrill and fun of harvesting the crystal gems and displaying them on the board is simply irresistible.

Once all the 8 crystals have been excavated, the kid can then examine each at a time using the magnifying glass. The kid also gets to learn interesting facts and qualities of the mined crystals. This gives additional learning for the five year old before they can display them on the display board.


  • Great for gemstones and rock collection
  • It promotes inquisitiveness
  • Much fun for your discoverer
  • Provides a real challenge presenting your kid with problem solving skills
  • Holds the child’s attention for a few hours
  • The gems are beautiful
  • It teaches your kid to be patient as the mining takes time
  • Fun facts about the gems teach your child a thing or two
  • If you’re lucky, you might get one with more than 8 crystals
  • Great for those times when a parent wants some alone time
  • The stones are big enough to ensure safety for kids from 5 years 

             Some reviewers have reported that the block was too hard for the hammer that comes with the kit. Pouring water on the block makes it soft enough and eases the mining process.
         It takes time to dig the Gems out. This can be frustrating to some but it is actually a good thing as it encourages your child to practice patience and to not give up
    Insider Tips

    The plaster block can be hard to excavate when dry. This is especially the case when your child is a little younger. To ease the mining process, consider pouring water on the block. It softens the plaster of the 4M crystal Mining Kit block and makes it easier for the kid to chip away.

    It might take a while to get to the first gem. If this happens, turn the block and start chipping on the other side. But just like in mining, you might give up just as you are about to get there. The good thing with the block is, you know you will eventually get there. 
    Once he gets started, your kid might have a hard time stopping. If you would like him to play with the mining kit for longer than one day, suggest that they excavate a number of crystals in a day and not all at once.
    Compared to GeoCentral Rock and Crystal Excavation Dig Kit andDr. Cool Mine for Gems Science Kit: Major feature and specification differences  

    Mining Kits Comparison Table

    4M Crystal Mining Kit


    GeoCentral Rock and Crystal Excavation Dig Kit Kit

    Dr. Cool Mine for Gems Science Kit

    Product Dimensions

    8.2 x 6.8 x 2.2 inches

    Not indicated

    1.5 x 8 x 8 inches

    Shipping Weight

    1.4 pounds

    11.2 ounces

    2 pounds

    Yes No No


    Made of plaster

    Made of blocks of Gypsum sand plaster

    Brittle block makes it easier to find the gems


    8 crystals though some customers have reported finding 10

    5 genuine crystals

    10 genuine gemstones among them amethyst cluster, tiger’s eye, quartz crystal and pyrite

    Small parts?

    Yes: Not for kids under 3 years

    Yes: Not for kids under 3 years

    Yes: Not for kids under 3 years

    No No
    10 puzzles and Games for extra learning and fun

    Under $10
    Yes Yes No

    China China Not indicated
    Buy Now
    4M Crystal Mining Kit

    GeoCentral Rock and Crystal Excavation Dig Kit Kit

    Dr. Cool Mine for Gems Science Kit
    As we conclude, we revisit the main features and properties of the 4M Crystal Mining Kit:
    • A plaster block with gems to be excavated
    • Mining tools to mine and harvest the gems
    • A display board to display the crystals and showcase your child’s handiwork
    • A pouch to store leftover crystals.
    Check out the 4M Crystal Mining Kit on Amazon.com now to see more details and read other customer’s reviews now.


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