Yoga Classes in Nairobi

Yoga during pregnancy is one of the best strength training exercises you can do. It not only gives you the energy requires throughout the pregnancy, it also arms you with the endurance you will need during labor. If you are looking for yoga classes in Nairobi, consider the centers below.

Yoga Classes in Nairobi

  • Acacia Studios
Contact number: 254 721 111 141 
At Acacia studios, you will be introduced to vinyasa yoga. This type of yoga involves free and flowy fluidity as you transition from one pose to the other. It incorporates flexibility, strength, cardio, balance mental and physical  stamina. The core of vinyasa yoga is abdominal strength.


  • Africa Yoga Project

Contact:  254 708 372 767

This is a community based enterprise that provides yoga classes in Nairobi and promotes empowerment to all. The yoga classes are provided to everyone regardless of their age, fitness level, experience and background.  

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