White/Refined/Bad Carbs Linked to Depression in Women

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has linked the consumption of white carbs to depression. The study, which employed data from over 70, 000 post-menopausal women could pave way for the treatment of depression.

White carbs increase risks of depression

The consumption of carbohydrates increases the blood sugar levels.  Different carbohydrates have different levels of Glycemic Index; the amount of sugar found in the blood after eating them. The more refined a carbohydrate is, the higher the Glycemic Index. When a woman consumes high GI foods like refined/white/bad carbs, the sugar levels in the blood spikes very rapidly. The body responds to the change by releasing the insulin hormone to help break down the sugar. This process, unfortunately, causes fatigue, exacerbate mood changes and other depression symptoms.

Eating a diet high in fiber, whole grains and vegetables decreases the risks. Fiber not only reduces the risks of developing type 2 diabetes, it also reduces blood cholesterol and helps one feel fuller for longer. Refining the grains strips them off this wonderful and healthy component of your meal.

The important take-home point from this study is that depression can be controlled through dietary intervention. Further studies are however needed to “… examine the potential of this novel option for treatment and prevention, and to see if similar results are found in the broader population,” says Study author Dr James Gangwisch of Columbia University.

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