Where to Buy Liquid Face Paint Makeup

If you’re shopping around for liquid face paint, look no further. For less than $10 you can get your hands on the water based Mehron Liquid Face Paint. This paint is ideal for face as well as full body painting.This makes it perfect for carnivals, parties and other events. The liquid face paint can be applied using sponges, airbrushes or simple brushes.

Mehron Liquid Face Paint

The  Mehron Liquid Makeup is gentle and safe on the skin because it’s made with ingredients that are FDA approved and contains no alcohol.

It is also quick to apply as it does not need to be activated with water. The drying is also fast and leaves behind a smooth finish that is free of cracks.

Here are some of the Mehron Liquid Face Paint unique features:

  • A bottle is enough for 20-70 applications
  • Water based and is applied using a brush, airbrush or sponge.
  • Each bottle comes with applicator brush
  • FDA approved ingredients and no alcohol

Check out the Mehron Liquid Face Paint on Amazon.com now.


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