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What to Wear While Breastfeeding

You knew your life would be different once you got a baby, you knew your responsibilities would be more, but did you know that you would have to be very careful when choosing the cloths you put on while breastfeeding? I can honestly say that I did not. But we are supposed to learn each and every day, and I did. That is why I can now tell you what works and what does not.

But First…

Before we begin to look at the choices available, let me stop to say that I really hope you kept your early maternity cloths. Many first time mothers do not know that they will need those for a couple of months after delivery before their bodies shrink back. I fell in this unfortunate category.

Three months after delivering my baby, I went back to work and had no problem fitting into my old cloths. Who am I kidding? Most did not fit and the ones that did were too tight. You would think that you do not have to worry about the neckline you wear to work, but you cannot be more wrong. If you plan to express in the office, then you must dress just like a mum who is going to church with her baby. You will want a dress that allows you access to the breast when it is time to pump the milk.

Wrap or Cross over V Neck Dresses

Wrap dresses are great because of their versatility and adjustable fit. You can wear them even when you are pregnant. The quality we are looking at here, though, is the easy access to food by the baby. You do not have to wear a complete wrap dress. As you will see in the choices below, a crossover V-neck dress will do the job just fine.

Buttoned Dresses

Buttoned dresses are great for those who are not comfortable with a deep neckline but still want to have an easy time when nursing. You just unbutton a couple of buttons, do your business and button up. Here are my favorite choices.

Low Scoop Neck Dresses

Most of my tops have a scoop neck and work good enough. You just want to ensure that the neckline is a bit low and not tight. If it is elastic, that is a plus. Take a look at the choices I’ve made below.

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