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Wedding Gowns for Hire in Nairobi

When it comes to weddings, we all know that it’s the bride’s day. She
should look classy and fabulous but fabulous costs money. That’s where hired wedding gowns come in. They are not only classics, but a
woman can also get a wide range of wedding dresses and they don’t have
to cost her an arm and a leg because she does not have to buy it.

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A wedding is a very special
day; a joyous moment when two souls are
united into one. This is the day a woman remembers for the rest of her
life. It is therefore necessary that she looks her best. And what better
way to look good that a classy wedding dress. while reciting
her vows to her loved one?

What to Look Out for When Going for a Wedding Gowns for Hire 

When going for hired
wedding dresses, the sky is literally the limit. A woman will have so
many affordable choices that her biggest task will be choosing the right
one that fits her well while complimenting her body type.The biggest
advantage of going for the hired wedding dress is that you can wear a
designer dress of your choice for a fraction of it’s retail prize.

And as nature would have it, every woman has a different body. The most
common body shapes are the pear shape, rectangle, hour glass, inverted
triangle as well as the apple shape. There is therefore the need for one
to know her body type so as to choose a dress that compliments her body

Different Wedding Gowns Designs for Different Body Types 

The Mermaid Gown

The mermaid dress compliments women with an hour glass body shape as
well as the rectangle shaped ones. This type of a wedding dress is
especially good for the curvaceous brides who would like to show off
their bodies as it hugs the body closely.

The Empire Gown

The empire dress has a narrow high waist and flares beautifully to the
floor. It flatters the apple, hour glass, inverted triangle as well as
the pear shapes.

The Fairy-tail Wedding Gown

A fairy-tail wedding dress is good for all body shapes though it might
be too much for the tiny framed women. It flares beautifully from the
waist down.

The Column Wedding Gown

Another category you’ll find in the hired wedding dresses store is the column dress. This is a straight
dress running vertically from the shoulders to the floor. It is perfect
for brides who would like to show off their perfect bodies. It works
best with the rectangle shape as well as the hour-glass bodies.

The Princess/ A-Line Wedding Gown

The princess dress also referred to as the A-line dress is another type
of dress that is perfect for all body shapes. It is narrow at the waste
and flares from there to the floor making it especially good for the
heavy shapes as it flatters the body by hiding the tummy.

the hired wedding gown, a bride is able to keep within the
wedding budget without compromising on the quality of her gown. What’s
not to love?

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