Very Early Signs of Pregnancy

I am a mother of one beautiful girl who just turned 2 years and 2 months.

While initially I had planned to have my kids 2 years apart, this was not possible because my hubby went back to school in a different country. While he visits whenever he is able to, I could not see myself caring for the pregnancy and later on a newborn alone. I therefore postponed it.

Hubby completes his studies later on this year and seeing that he would be there in the third trimester and when we finally welcomed the new addition to the family, we decided to go ahead and try to concieve.

Very early signs of pregnancy

And here I am now, a week after ovulation, feeling pregnant already without any noticeable pregnancy sign. I am so convinced that I am pregnant that I am already taking the iron and folic acid supplements, but I am yet to experience any major sign of pregnancy. Hubby has already left and won’t be home for the next few months. I am therefore a little bit desperate.

My first pregnancy caught me by surprise. I was already 5 weeks pregnant by the time I suspected that something was wrong. Even as I bought the pregnancy test, I did not expect it to turn out positive.

It is still too early for me to take a pregnancy test. I will do that in a weeks time when my periods are supposed to come. For now, I’ll just sit here and assume that the barely there cramps I am feeling are very early signs of pregnancy.

Cross your fingers for me guys. I’ll keep you updated.

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