U Shaped- Premium Contoured Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

Pregnancy is a tough time for women. You not only have to deal with feeling sick and nauseous throughout the day, you also suffer greatly at night. When I was expecting I had excruciating heartburn that got a lot worse when I went to bed. My tummy felt so heavy and my legs and back hurt real bad. Sleeping was absolute torture, I woke up feeling worse than I did before going to sleep.

A pregnant body is delicate. The hormones make the bones weak and it is easy to have back pains just from sleeping uncomfortably. And this is exactly what a U-shaped Contoured body pillow is for. The u shape is great since it means that you never have to just sleep on your left side. You can change even if it is for just a few minutes and still be comfortable. The contoured pillow follows your body’s curves to give you maximum comfort at all times. But remember; when pregnant, it is always safer to sleep on the left side.

A happy mother, a healthy and happy baby.I found that elevating the upper leg made a huge difference. Many women will agree. The change might seen small but it’s impact is heaven to your back. Tucking the pillow between your legs does exactly that.
“And what about heartburn?” you ask. “What heartburn?” I reply.

The pillowcase is zippered and easy to remove. It therefore becomes easy to keep your contoured pregnancy pillow clean.

It is sad when you have to dread going to sleep at night. Your body is doing a wonderful job of nurturing another human being. The very least it deserves is a good night sleep. And that is literally the very least you can do to pay it back.

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