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Three Awesome True Crime Books

used to read anything. Romance (especially historical romance),
thrillers, horror, newspapers you name it. I had no preference until one
afternoon after a walk with my then boyfriend; he bought a book by the
name Helter Skelter
and it completely changed my taste. I don’t even know why he bought the
book and he rarely read, but I like to believe that the universe had
something to do with it.We broke up a few weeks later (the book had
nothing to do with it), and I kept the book. I doubt he even missed it.
It turned out to be so good that from then on, you get me a true crime
book and you are my best friend. I have read several of them since, but
I’m just going to talk about the three that I liked the best.

Here are the Three

When stressed, bored or just tired, reading is the best way to relaxI
am not going to tell you the plot as I do not want to spoil it for you.
You can read the description and other people’s reviews by clicking on
the links. What I will tell you though are the reasons I liked each book
so much.

Helter Skelter: The True Story of the Manson Murders

book was written by the prosecutor who handled the case. Vincent
Bugliosi wrote it so well, that is is impossible to believe that he is
not a writer. Though many believe that his helter skelter motive was way
too far-fetched, at the last page I just did not care. Anything to put
the killers behind bars for the rest of their lives.This story is over
40 years old, but it terrified me the same way it would have had the
events taken place just yesterday. There is a reason why it is one of
the best selling books ever and my favorite book of all times.
When stressed, bored or just tired, reading is the best way to relax.

Goodbye, Dearest Holly

I can never get enough

is the latest crime book I read. I bought it thinking that it was
written from an investigative point of view just like the others I have
read. I was completely disappointed. But not for long.It gives another
perspective I’d never though of before. The people who are directly
touched by the crime. The victims themselves, their family and friends.
The community too.If you read the description on Amazon, you will see
that the book is about the disappearance and eventual discovery of 2
young girls. They were found murdered and dumped in a ditch far from
home. Goodbye, Dearest Holly is written by Kelvin Wells, the father of one of the
girls. It recounts the events in the saddest way. You will cry with the
family, get frustrated when they do and wish that they would wake up one
morning only to realize that it was just a bad nightmare.

Death Sentence: The inside Story of John List Murders

book has been written from yet another totally different but very
interesting perspective.You have heard about crimes and the
investigation. That is usually the angle that becomes very public.You
have heard about the Victims and the family that is left aside. This is
the one that makes you tear up.How about the perpetrator? What if you
were taken back to way before to when he is just another father, another
husband or even a quiet neighbor.This is the most terrifying angle. It
makes you start asking yourself how well you know the people around you.
And that is exactly what this book does.

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