Things I miss About Not Being Pregnant

You never miss the water until the well runs dry. There are many things I take for granted when not pregnant and I’m starting to miss them badly. Below are just a few:

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  • Sleeping however I want
This first one has got to be the hardest. I’m barely halfway through this journey and it already has me beat. I miss sleeping on my back, tummy, and sides tossing and turning however I like. I wake up at night these days with very weird pains I cannot explain. When boyfriend asks I tell him it feels like huge and painful gas bubbles in my tummy. This happens when I get tired at night and lie on my back for a few seconds. I never felt like this with my first pregnancy and it sucks!
  • Normal sense of smell
This one is not so bad anymore. I can now tolerate the smell of onions. This does not mean that I will not remove them when I see them in the food, it just means that I’ll not feel like puking a bucket just because someone placed an onion flavoured plate on my table. I still cannot stand the smell on garlic and some essence a Sudanese family in our building use for their house. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve prayed that they would move. I’ve even thought of one or two plans to hasten their move, but whenever I share the same with boyfriend, he tells me that I’m being unreasonable. 
  • Wearing Heels
I miss my heels and my ankle boots. Our office environment is pretty laid back and you can wear whatever you like to work. Since I don’t normally feel so comfortable in flats, I’m used to wearing dresses or skirts with heeled shoes or boots. These are now a no, no. No skirt will go around my waist and the heels make my bones achy. Plus people were starting to look at me funny.
  • My Petite Body and Flat Tummy
I miss my petite body. How I would fit into almost all cloths and how flat my tummy got after my daughter. As the days pass by, my cloths are getting tighter and tighter. I hate it when people tell me that I now have curves. That’s just a glorious way of telling me that I’m growing fat. Turning in bed is a nightmare. I cannot believe it has started this early.

It might look like am complaining, but I really am not. I’m just appreciating the good, the bad and the ugly side of being heavy with child. Tomorrow I’ll post a baby bump photo update. Do come back and thanks so much for stopping by for this quick update.    

Until we see each other again, 

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