The Silent Force that Positively Impacts African Lives

Dr. Rasha Kelej is the Chief Social Officer (CSO), Global Vice President of Merck Healthcare. Currently she is also a member of Human Resources Science and Technology Cluster of African Union (ECOSOCC).

Rasha Kelej at Merck more than a Mother launch Nigeria

She is a pharmacist, a speaker, women’s rights activist, a professional and dedicated businesswoman who has gained international recognition through hard work and received many awards for women leadership excellence and for her contribution to women empowerment.

She hails from Egypt and enrolled at the Alexandria University with a B.Sc. Ph Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences (1989-1994). MBA from Robert Gordon University, U.K.  on “Corporate Social Responsibility- CSR  integration with business strategy”.

Rasha has 22 years’ experience in the international pharma industry specializing in the biotechnology field. Over the past four years she has been able to create and achieve the following:

Rasha Kelej in Nigeria

Merck More Than a Mother” which is aimed at eradicating stigmatization on infertile women and empowering them to live better lives.

“Merck More Than a Patient” which aims to uplift women cancer survivors to reclaim their lives and become active contributors to the economy.

Merck African Oncology with the aim to increase the limited number of oncologists in Africa and hence improve access to cancer care.

Merck Capacity Advancement Program that seeks to improve access to innovative healthcare solutions and to build healthcare and life science research capacity focusing on NCDs such as Diabetes, Hypertension, fertility and Oncology.

UNESCO Merck Africa Research Summit to empower Youth and Women in Research and build research capacity in Africa.

Rasha has received many awards to recognize her contribution towards empowering African women in the field of Research and Healthcare and empowering underprivileged women who lived with infertility and women cancer survivors.

Rasha strives daily to impact excellence in healthcare contribution to humanity; she serves on the board of several organizations and social initiatives.

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