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The Maasai Community

Maasai people are the face of Kenya. They are nomadic people of nilotic
origin from Sudan who settled in Tanzania and Kenya. The Maasai live
communally and move from place to place in search of pastures for their
cattle. Though the population of this tribe is very low as compared to
other major tribes in Kenya, the Maasai are recognized the world over
for their tight hold onto their traditions.

The Maasai are known for among other things, their dancing and jumping.

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Everyone Knows Their Responsibility

Maasai live in extended families. Each extended family lives in a
single homestead with several huts arranged in a circular design. The
homesteads are fenced with acacia thorns to keep wild animals like lions
and hyenas at bay. Each member of the community has to contribute in
some way, while the women and girls build the houses, gather fruits and
firewood, milk the cows and cook, it is the boys who graze the cattle.
The men are in charge of security; they build the fence and protect the
family from raiders and wild animals.Because of the nomadic nature of
the tribe, it is difficult for them to stay at one place long enough for
the children to go to school. This is the reason why it has taken the
group such a long time to embrace civilization. Even in families that
allow children schooling, boys are given the priority while their
sisters are circumcised and married off at an early age in exchange for

The Maasai people live in communities

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Their Food

Maasai keep cattle. This does not mean that they always eat meat
though. Their staple food is milk mixed with blood. The blood is drained
into a guard from a standing cow after piercing it’s vein.Due to
constant famines that kill their livestock, the Maasai have had to build
close relations with their agricultural neighbors like the Kikuyu. And
did I tell you that yours truly happens to be a Kikuyu? 😉 I must have
forgotten to mention when I wrote this post.

Beautiful Maasai African Art

Maasai make beautiful art pieces. From bead-work to carvings, paintings
to masks. Traditionally, women made and decorated the guards with beads
and painting. Today however, art is one of the major economic
activities of the Maasai. You will see a Masaai man and woman in
different towns hawking skin belts, sandals, wallets and bangles. I will
share with you the Maasai art that I like the most and then give you a
chance at the end of the post to vote so you can tell me the one you
like the most.

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