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I’ve always enjoyed the taking stock posts on Savvy Kenya’s blog and I thought it’s time I tried one. It wasn’t as easy as she convinced me it would be, but I’ll definitely try it again.
Where do we start? In 5 days, I’ll be 7 months pregnant. I’ve been counting the days and praying that they go a little faster, but something changed today morning. Boyfriend woke me up 5 minutes earlier and I got a little mad. Those are 5 minutes of sleep down the drain. But it got me thinking…
I need to enjoy every minute right now because when the baby comes, we’ll all operate on her time. We’ll sleep when she says, and I’ll not be able to leave the house as easily as I can right now. So here’s to taking my baby with me to work, and to taking stock for the last trimester!
Making: my girl kiss me every day before school. She loves school so much and goes crazy when she sees the school bus.

Cooking:a lot on weekends because that’s the only chore I get to do these days. I don’t like cakes but I’ll bake one every weekend until I perfect the moist and spongy balance. Yesterday’s was terrible but I’m the only one who seemed not to like it.

Drinking:lots and lots of water. I never knew how nasty water can taste when you’re forcing yourself to hit the 8 glasses/day target.

Reading:The Python Project by Victor Canning. It’s taken me more than a month to read this novel. Not because it is boring, but because I enjoy listening to myself think a little more these days.


Looking: for the perfect gift for boyfriend’s birthday. I almost forgot his birthday last year, and only remembered it when I saw the bday wishes on his Facebook wall that evening. I need to redeem myself.


Playing:Taylor Swift and missing her country days.


Wishing: that I’m carrying another girl. I need to name my mom.


Enjoying: feeling the baby kick, and move, and hiccup, and turn.


Waiting: patiently for my due date.


Liking: how well my body is coping with the third trimester. I had a rough time a few months back but I’m now feeling healthy and well.


Wondering: how I’ll survive the first few weeks after giving birth. There’s nothing I love more than being in control and having my personal space. Both of these fly out the window when the house is full of visitors and you have caring relatives telling you what to eat, when to shower and how to hold the baby.


Loving: the two men in my life; boyfriend and my brother do so much to ensure that the household is running smoothly.


Considering: being a stay at home mom. My online business has come a long way and I can see a future where I’m able to work from the house and look after my kids myself.


Buying: baby essentials and lots of fruits


Watching:Blind spot.


Hoping: that my delivery will be as easy as the last one. I’m planning to be more present. I can’t remember all the details of the last delivery and boyfriend, a normally very talkative guy, says very little when I ask. I think he’s still traumatized. Poor guy.

Marvelling: at how my blogs grew to attracting over 150,000 visits each month. The stats just blow my mind away every day.

Needing: a bathroom break every 15 minutes.

Smelling: onions everywhere! It sucks, man. It really does.

Wearing: anything that fits.

Knowing: that this is the best chance I have to sleep. I’ll not be able to have a good night’s sleep for the next 2 years.

Thinking: how I cannot wait to see my baby. I see her looking exactly like me; just like our first one looks like her daddy. Minus my temper, plus his hair.

Admiring: the baby bump images taken by Peter of Doxa Photography on Saturday.

Disliking: how people keep telling me that I’ve become big. I’m pregnant! I’m supposed to be big, OK?

Feeling: confident that I’ll shed all the extra weight in no time. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.
Enjoy the Pregnancy photography below and see the photographer’s details, contacts and rates at the end of this post.


Photo shoot ByDoxa Interactive Studio
Services:  Weddings, pregnancy and family photography
Contacts: +254 720 969 361 / 0733 96 56 56
Rates: Ksh. 3,000 for 20 softcopy photos
Note:  I had these images taken for free by doxa interactive studio in exchange for a review.  The words and opinions are my own.

Until we see each other again, 


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