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Sticky Lint Roller – Lint & Fiber Remover

A sticky lint roller is used to remove dust, lint and other small particles from a garment. Roller

There is nothing as unsightly as lint all over your outfit. It does not matter how clean or expensive your suit is, as long it has tiny and ugly fluff. Cotton and woolen outfits (especially black ones) are the worst culprits.; they are notorious for collecting small fibers and fur wherever they pass.

Removing the tiny things by hand is next to impossible. You might even end up ruining your suit by pulling a string by mistake. A sticky lint roller comes in handy in such a situation. They are fast and effective in lifting off every tiny piece of lint that does not belong on your clothes. They are also small enough to fit in your handbag for those moments when you need to look polished in a few minutes.

I normally use mine and store it with the lint all over it and when I need to use it again, I just peel off the topmost adhesive paper to reveal a clean and sticky one that is ready for my use. They are such a convenience.

On Jumia Kenya, sticky lint rollers go for just 250. You can order for one by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button below.

Key Features
  • Removes dust, fibre, animal fur, hair and lint from clothes and furniture
  • Can be used to clean the car seats
  • Highly adhesive paper used in manufacturing
  • One refill can be used up to 25 times (25 layers)
  • Portable in small bags

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