Stay Healthy While Vacationing on Holidays

The holidays are almost here. Though fun and relaxing, the holiday season can take a huge toll on both your pocket and health. Though both are inevitable, there are a few tricks you can use to ensure that you still have control over your body’s health while ensuring that you remain energized enough to enjoy your holiday.
The holidays are here

Drink Green Tea or Water
Do yourself a favor and drink up this green goodness. It heals, invigorates, gets rid of free radicals, energizes, boosts immunity and improves metabolism. If you are tired of the drained and bloated feeling associated with the holidays, green tea with take care of it leaving you feeling energized, stabilized and new. If you do not have access to the green tea, water will do. It speeds up digestion, regulates the temperature and increases the metabolic rate. Do not wait until you feel thirsty; by them, your body will already be dehydrated.
There is huge difference between travelling upcountry for Christmas and say, visiting summer camp St. Louis for a week. While one is an intensive, physical and activity filled vacation, the other one is mainly about sitting and eating. With the former, what you are left with at the end of the day is low metabolism and a very slow and exhausted body that feels nothing like your own. Feel free to indulge yourself, but set a few minutes each day to exercise moderately. A 30 minutes walk or jog will give your body the boost and rejuvenation that it desperately needs.
Do not go Crazy on the Food
The one thing we always look forward to on holidays is the food.  When it finally lands on our tables we do not hold back. We eat like our existence depends on it. The amount and at times the unfamiliarity of the meals puts a huge strain on the digestive system and makes it difficult for you to relax comfortably. Remember to eat in moderation, drink lots of water and pop a digestive enzyme or two if your digestive system needs a little help.
Whatever you do these holidays, enjoy yourself and take care.

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