Six Habits that Might Sabotage your Weight loss

These 6 habits might be sabotaging your weight loss efforts

Bad habits are developed slowly either consciously or unconsciously. While some bad habits are harmless, others are serious and could prove detrimental to our health. There are simple things we do that can sabotage our weight loss efforts. You might exercise religiously and eat {low fat foods}, but the habits we discuss below will still lead to weight gain.

Eyeballing recipe ingredients
While a “splash” of oil or a “pinch” of brown sugar may work on cooking shows, it can lead to the consumption of excess calories in diet. For instance, you might think that the splash of olive oil is close enough to the called for tablespoon, but the truth of the matter is that overdoing it adds hundreds of calories. Ensure that you always use measuring spoons and cups when preparing your meals.
Using too much grease
Cooking sprays and grease is one other culprit when it comes to unnecessary calories. While sprays could provide a practical way of making your pans non-sticky, they could be working against you and messing with your intentions of losing weight. Use non-stick pans or try lining your cookware with aluminum foil or baking sheets. 
Eating from the bag
Eating your snacks straight from the package never ends well. It is very hard to know when enough is enough. It is a lot worse when the bag is big. Your mind will have a distorted perception of just how much you are consuming. Portioning leftovers and snacks into reasonable sizes puts the control back into your hands. 
Leaving leftover food on the stove during meals
Most households do this: You cook, and then you sit down to enjoy your meal leaving the leftovers on the stove. This habit makes it easier to go back for extra portions you do not necessarily need. Before settling down for your meal, try transferring the leftovers from the pots to storage containers.
Putting fruits and vegetables away from sight
Produce drawers are often hidden from sight. Unfortunately, they say that out of sight is ultimately out of mind. When it is time to snack, you will often go for the treat that is easiest to access. Keeping the fruits and veggies on top of the refrigerator or on the counter in a fruit basket ensures that you snack healthily. 
Offering East Treats in Bowl
Many households have a serving bowl full of unhealthy snacks, candy and nuts. This offers instant gratification and lots of unnecessary calories. It is a good idea to ditch the bowl if you need to see weight loss results. A compromise might be replacing the treats with ones that are hard to eat or are a whole lot healthier. Think about fruits that offer a wealth of nutrition and fill you a lot faster. Apples are perfect examples.
It is never too late to break a habit. If you do one of these things, try establishing healthier habits. If you have the will power, you can make small adjustments that will ensure you practice a healthier lifestyle.

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