She’s One Month Old!

The last time I posted I was in my last week of pregnancy. I gave birth 3 days before my EDD on 15th August to a beautifully, curly haired girl. I now have 2 girls, yay!
We’ve been having the greatest time getting to know her and we fall in love more each day. My older girl is especially completely obsessed!
She turned a month yesterday and the last 2 days she’s finally showing her true colors (I hope not); while she was a really cool kid before, she’s turned naughty and refuses to sleep at night.
I feel like a zombie as I type this due to sleep deprivation. I’m praying that this is a phase that will pass soon. I’m so pissed at her but with all the cuteness, it’s hard to stay angry for long 🙂
I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I did not add as much weight as I did with my first pregnancy. I therefore feel that I’ll have an easier time bouncing back once I’m completely healed and working towards it. For now I’ll continue drinking lots of porridge like I’ve been doing the last month.
I’ll be more active on the blog when I’m finally up to it, for now enjoy your weekend, stay cool and smile. 😀 😀

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