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Rushed by Brian Harmon

is a book written by Brian Harmon. I started reading this book on my
kindle but never got to finish it. Something about it just made it
painfully hard for me to go on. The story was too out there for me. Some
people seem to like that given the fact that this book has hundreds of
great reviews. It just didn’t do it for me because the author was very
repetitive and the dialogues were somewhat very shallow.Maybe I’ll be
able to complete it someday. And maybe Ill even like it better than I do
now. Or even love it. Maybe… We’ll have to see.

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The plot

Fartrell lives a normal life with his wife. Well, normal, until he
starts getting this weird feeling in the middle of the night that he has
to leave and go. He does not understand why he feels rushed to do so,
neither does he know where he is meant to be.After ignoring the feeling
for a few weeks, he finally decides to just get into his car and drive
hoping that he’ll find whatever it is that he is meant to find, satisfy
his soul and maybe things will go back to normal.

But this is just the beginning. Things take a bizarre twist.Next
thing he knows, he’s very far from home. He stops the car and starts
walking. He feels like he is being drawn to something. And it looks like
he is on the right track because he comes to a house where he finds an
old woman who tells him that he is late; strange or what? Wait, there’s
more. He is told to keep walking.

Along his path in the corn field that he is to pass through,
something tells him that something is not right. Some sections just feel
different and out of this world. The maize is also stunted. But he
keeps walking. All the while, the moment he sees something he remembers
seeing it in his dreams from weeks before. And then he comes to this
barn that he remembers in his dreams. He goes inside only to find
deformed chicken and grotesque animals. Very strange creatures he has
never seen before but in his dreams.

But his nightmare is just beginning. He is about to be attacked by a
horrid black mass with tentacles for fingers. And he’s just about to
learn that he is drifting in between two worlds. And that he needs to
get to a particular church very soon before all goes wrong.

Other Reviewers Think Otherwise

little search through the amazon shows that other reviewers do not
agree that this book is horrible. Maybe it is the genre or just the
type. But we all have very different tastes. You be the judge.

I Settled for Murder on Mind by L.L.Bartlett


Like I said before, I was unable to complete this book. I decided to change to Murder on Mind by L.L. Bartlett. He did not disappoint. It is the first of the Jeff Resnick mystery by Author L.L. Bartlett.

Jeff Resnick Is an insurance investigator who has been out of work
for sometime. The day before he is to go back to work, he is attacked by
thugs in a dark alley as he walks home. The robbery leaves him badly
hurt. But the injuries to his head, he will soon realize, have left him
with psychic abilities.

When his very rich half- brother Richard takes
him in to help nurse him back to health, Jeff starts having a recurring
dream of a hunter stalking and killing his prey. The dreams are vivid;
he can feel the anger and the hatred. But they are just dreams. Or so he
thinks. That is until a banker he once met in a store when he was a
small boy turns up dead in the garage. He has been slaughtered in the
same manner he say the hunter slaughter his prey.Against his brother’s
advice, Jeff sets out to find out who the killer is.

Murder On The Mind: The Jeff Resnick Mysteries

This book did not disappoint one bit. It was worth every cent.

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