Retarded Mosquitoes!!!!!

Am angry! Real angry! There’s an institution out there out to ruin my life, not exactly, but something close to that. Our beef goes way back to year 2006, when I suddenly learnt that they’d offered me a place to pursue higher education in some course I’d never heard of. I could not believe my ears. I know it was a generous offer and I should’ve been grateful, but you’ll understand once I explain. You see, I dint have a problem with the school per se, it was something else…. In fact, I have three reasons, and one of them is that I was in love….

You’re wondering the correlation between love and a school, right? Well, the school was far and the love of my life was in Nairobi. I had to be near him. Had I known that he’d dump me for something I dint even do just two days after reporting to the school that I changed to, I’d have thought better. Anyway, he was not the only reason; maybe the next two would still have convinced me otherwise.

The institution is also precariously close to home; isn’t that a good thing? No it is not! I come from the country, where it rains milk and honey. As a matter of fact, the only thing you need to buy from the shop is salt. Some meals don’t even need that foreign stuff. Examples are boiled maize and sweet potatoes… you see, you don’t need money at all to survive! Being the smart girl that I am, I knew that living somewhere close to this Canaan would be disastrous. If I asked for money, my mum would be outside my hostel the following morning with a sack full of potatoes.

The third reason had something to do with the aggregate points. I had six points more than what was needed for the most demanding course!! And I’m almost a man in a female body! Challenges give me a thrill and I love hunting.

That is how I ended up changing to Kenyatta University. And now, over four years later, they still affect my life. They’ve gone and manufactured these giant mosquitoes that are supposed to eat the other disease spreading ones all over Nakuru.

For those who’ve not seen them, these little idiots must be crossbreeds between a mosquito (though a very small percentage), a moth, tsetse fly and, a retard!

They should have at least distributed just enough to kill the other notorious killers. But what did they go and do? They released so many of them that after the mosquitoes were gone, they now feast on people, dogs, cows, sheep and goats. No, am not exaggerating!!! These are the only insects I’ve seen making a dog cry like a baby. Let’s not even talk about the cows!!!

They are so stupid that when it bites you, it does not run for cover, it just sticks there like an imbecile. Just like a tsetse fly. And you kill it. That time you’re already numb like stupid! I know you’re there wondering why we do not just kill all of them in the same manner, well, if they were ten on you, you’d do it, but 67??? Where do you even get the hands to do so?

The moth genes in them pull them to the light. Now imagine if they got into a house. Just imagine thousands of housefly sized mosquitoes hovering near the bulb!! The house would even go dim.

My grandpa tells me that it’s even worse during the day when he has to graze. If it’s worse than when he’s milking the cows, then I pity the animals. What about him? Well, he dresses to the occasion, a rain coat, gumboots and all… not that it helps; they even bite through the cloths.

The cows on the other hand just go crazy!! There’s one bull that gets up from its sleep, kicks as it runs and settles down again only to do that minutes later.

To the University, we’ve had enough! Please take your retarded mosquitoes back! NKT!!!!!!

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