Raising a Well-Behaved Child

The perfect time to mold your kids into future disciplined individuals is when they are still young. This comes with some challenges seeing that the young ones are yet to learn what is right and what is wrong, and also because they have not yet mastered how to control their emotions.
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The good thing is, you are starting out with a blank canvas at this point and it is your job as a parent to instill values that will guide them throughout their lives. In this post we look at tips on how to raise well-behaved kids.
Lead By Example
There’s a saying that children never do what we tell them, but they’ll always do what we do. Our actions have bigger impacts on how our kids are going to behave than our words do. You will have little to no success teaching them one thing if you are doing the other. Try as much as possible to be their best role model and they’ll follow suit.
Praise good Behavior
Most parents are quick to point out where their kids go wrong but rarely appreciate good behavior. Though easier said than done, ignoring bad behavior and praising your kids when they do the right thing is more effective than spanking them when they act up. Celebrating your child’s little successes goes a long way in ensuring that they strive do the same tomorrow.
Cultivate a Conscience
To do this, you need to arm your children with the ability to tell right from wrong. If they can be able to experience guilt, shame and remorse, then that is a good thing. This is where religion comes in. Take them to the church, have them recite Bible verses and hang Christian artwork on their walls. All these will remind them to remain on the right path.
Give Them Some Sense of Control

Kids can get overwhelmed by their loss of control. We decide as parents what they will eat, where they should go to school, who they should talk to and so on, and it can be frustrating to a young mind. Allowing them to make simple decisions like what to wear and what to eat gives them some form of control and provides them with a chance to come up with solutions to their problems. 

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