Protective Ironing Scorch-Saving Mesh Pressing Pad

Don’t you hate it when you iron your cloths and they come out looking all shiny and singed? This bestseller will ensure that you never see those ugly scotch and shiny marks on your cloths ever again. The protective ironing scorch-saving mesh pressing gives you this impressive solution for under $10.

The pressing mesh is transparent allowing you to see all the seams on any kind of fabric without heat damaging your garment as you iron. Ironing screen printed T-shirts and delicate fabrics has never been easier or safer.

Here are the main features of the Protective Ironing Scorch-Saving Mesh Pressing:
  • Protects Your garments From Scorch, singes And Shine Marks.
  • Protects Your Iron’s Plate From Snaps and Zippers.
  • To Clean, Simply Toss in the Laundry.
  • Its See Through Design makes it easy for you to see every seam in the garment.
  • A practical gift for under $10
Check out the Protective Ironing Scorch-Saving Mesh Pressing on to view the product description and read customer reviews.

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