Thrombophob Ointment

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  • Prevent the progression of thrombus formation
  • Reduces inflammation and pain associated with thrombophlebitis
  • Restores blood clots and promotes healthy blood flow
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Thrombophob ointment is an effective topical medication that combines the therapeutic effects of heparin sodium and benzyl nicotinate. It is primarily used in the treatment of superficial thrombophlebitis, a condition characterized by inflammation and clot formation in veins near the surface of the skin. Thrombophob ointment serves as an adjunctive therapy to help alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and promote improved blood circulation.

This topical ointment is applied on the surface of the affected area to reap skin-healing results. The combination of Heparin Sodium and Benzyl Nicotinate works synergistically to provide multi-faceted relief. The Heparin Sodium inhibits clot formation and encourages clot breakdown, while Benzyl Nicotinate enhances blood circulation and alleviates the discomfort caused by inflammation. Thrombophob ointment is intended for external use only and should not be applied to broken or irritated skin.



Heparin Sodium

Benzyl Nicotinate


Role of ingredients

Heparin Sodium: Heparin Sodium is a popular anticoagulant that works by inhibiting the formation of blood clots. This ingredient functions by binding to the natural protein present in the body while inhibiting the activity of clotting over the affected area of the skin.

Benzyl Nicotinate: Benzyl Nicotinate is a vasodilator, which aims to dilate blood vessels. This ingredient aims to increase blood flow to the affected area while reducing inflammation, and pain.



Apply as directed by your healthcare expert or dermatologist.



20g ointment per tube


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