Magnetic Window Cleaner Glass Wiper

$ 34.95

Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner Glass Cleaning Wiper Tool


Stay in the room to clean inside and outside window at the same time. One wipe, 2 sides cleaning.


How to use?




1.Separate the two sides from each side.


2. Dip the spong in the water with detergent.


3. Put the security rope on the wrist.


4. Open window and attach the half wiper (with safe rope) on outside window, attach the other half (with handle) inside window.


5. Move wiper inside, clean glass both sides.




1. Different glass should use different magnetic glass wiper. Please choose the appropriate version according to the thickness of glass, otherwise it may not work.


2. The magnet of this glass wiper is powerful, please pay attention to your hands when close or take apart it. It is forbidden to put your hands on the suction surface. If open it improperly, it may hurt fingers. Please follow the instruction manual.

3. Before putting the wiper on window, please make sure you have added water or cleaning liquid on the sponge. If directly attach the wiper on glass without water, it may not wipe.


4. When wiping the glass, the slower speed you move, the better cleaning you will get.



  • ✔Double-sided Magnetic Window Cleaner: Triangular shaped magnetic glass wiper, with powerful internal magnet locking the two cleaning sides together, provide you a comprehensive window cleaning inside outside. When you move one side, the other one follows. Wipe glass inside, clean two sides of window, especially convenient for high rise windows cleaning.
  • ✔Choose Right Windows Thickness: This magnetic glass cleaner wiper is only for 20-30mm thickness double glazed glass surface. Glass in different thickness should use different magnetic glass wipers, otherwise it can not move or attach on the glass surface. Please choose the appropriate version according to the thickness of glass.
  • ✔Premium Quality: Magnetic window cleaner wiper is made of high quality ABS material and natural latex, magnet, providing strong magnetic force, with built-in water storage sponge to clean the glass. The magnet is not easy to demagnetize and the inside cleaning cotton is replaceable, durable window cleaning tool.
  • ✔With Safe Rope: Window Cleaner comes with 2m long safe anti-falling rope, when you use this magnetic glass cleaner, the rope will be tied to your hand, never falling down, provide you a stable and safe cleaning experience.
  • ✔Easy to Use: Separate the two sides from each side, dip the spong in the water with detergent. Put the security thread on the wrist. Open window and attach the half wiper with anti-falling rope on outside window, put the other half with handle inside window. Move wiper inside, and begin to clean both sides.


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