Poison Emergency Number in Kenya

As a mother you have to always be vigilant when it comes to your child’s safety. Kids are known to put everything in their mouths and this can be very dangerous especially with so many times poisonous items in the house. Cleaning products, beauty and cosmetic products, baby oils, cough syrups, prescription drugs, kerosine and pesticides are just some of the poisonous items lying your house.

When baby proofing the house, accidental poisons should be as much a concern for you as falls or sharp items and corners that might hurt your baby.

Ensure to watch your baby 24 hours a day and know what s/he is doing at all times. This is a message that should be passed strongly to the nanny or babysitter. As a parent, you might have to relax your rules on other aspects of the house if you want your baby to be taken good care of. When a nanny is overwhelmed with so much work, she might not keep her eye on your child like she should.

Careful as we might be, there are time when accidents do happen. Though every mom prays that she’d never have to go through such an experience, it is always important to be prepared.

In case your child has swallowed poison and you have no idea whether it is safe to make him/her vomit or not, there is a number you can call Toll Free for assistance. You will be advised on the best first aid measure to take and this could save your child’s life.

The poison Emergency Number in Kenya is 0708 988 400. Save it in your phone and ask your child’s caregiver to do the same and pray that you never have to use it.  

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