Philips Avent Breast Pump Review

This Phillips Avent breastpump review will specifically look at the manual breast pump I used when I went back to work three months after giving birth to my daughter; the Avent Isis manual breast pump.
Avent Isis manual breast pump

I bought this manual Phillips Avent breast pump when my daughter was just a few weeks old. I wanted to practice making use of it so I would be comfortable by the time my maternity leave was over. It proved to be very good especially when it came to relieving engorgement, increasing the milk supply, or even leaving my little girl with breast milk for an hour or two to take care of errands here and there.

The Avent Isis breast manual pump came with 2 feeding bottles, 2 nipples and 2 nipple packs. It also came with an extra valve and an extra diaphragm. The Isis breast pump like other Avent breast pumps comes in parts that are easy to take apart and then back together to ease the cleaning and to ensure that all the parts of the pump are reachable and cleaned efficiently.

Being a manual breast pump, the Avent Isis Manual breast pump is worked by hand and I liked the fact that you can easily control the suction so as to best imitate your baby’s suction as much and as comfortable as you can. The massager cushion can only make things better. It flexes in and out massaging the nipple gently thus stimulating the milk flow.

The one thing I do not like about the pump is that it can be tiresome since the hand action can take a toll on your wrist. The fact that you can only use on one breast at a time also doubles the time you take expressing. If you are not patient therefore, you are better off getting a double electric pump like this Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump. But at the price it goes for on, I would still give a positive Phillips Avent pump review to the Avent Isis manual breast pump.

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