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Pay Bill Via Mpesa 2022

How cool would it be if you no longer had to carry cash with you around. How good would it be if you never missed deadlines for Kenya power and lighting company, or Helb payments? How about that last minute flight booking that you just have to complete in the next second? Or the embarrassment you are saved when paying for your goods at the supermarket’s counter and the total comes to 113 shillings more than you have on you. This is the convenience you get when you Pay Bill Via Mpesa.

And that is the future that Safaricom limited envisioned when they came up with the ability to pay bill via mpesa. Mpesa allows you to pay for your good and services through your phone. It matters not whether it is your mill at the restaurant, medical bill after an emergency to the ER or your monthly utility bills. You can pay all these bills via mpesa.

Why Pay Through Mpesa?

Pay Bill Via Mpesa: Image courtesy of mpesa

No more queueing at the bank, or fainting at the Kenya Power and lighting Company offices while trying to beat the 5th of every month’s deadline. And no more penalties on your Helb Loan because you forgot to pay your monthly installments in time.

You need an Mpesa bill number specific to the company you are paying to inorder to Pay Bill Via Mpesa; the mpesa bill number, the amount you need to pay, your account number or in some cases your ID number and your PIN. That is all. Payments will reflect in the respective accounts withing 48 hours.

How to Pay Various Service Providers via Mpesa

Click on the appropriate link below to be directed to the right page with the information you need…

If you do not find pay bill via Mpesa link you are looking for above, do search in the archives of this site to get the instruction of how you pay for whatever services you need to pay to via mpesa. The search button is on the top right of this page and you can enter your query there. Feel free to leave any comment or question in the comments tab below.

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